Day 4: Beijing – Nothing Happens

I don’t think anything happened on this day.  Obviously this is going to be a riveting post.  Between five cameras, there are no photos of day 4.  Since there are no photos of Day 4, here are two photos displaying the awe-inspiring posing talent of Chinese children.  The first is called The Neener-Neener.  The second, The T-Rex.



The only thing I have written about Day 4 is in the tiny calendar where I write only a few words about each day so I know which day was which and to spark memories.  Here’s what it says:

BEIJ Rain, lazy day, planning Xi’an, LIYUN.

And here are the memories that useful tidbit sparks:

We were in Beijing.  It was raining.  We had a lazy day.  We planned our trip to Xi’an.  We stayed at Liyun Apartotel.  I do recall that we had to scramble to get train tickets to Xi’an, leading to some hilarious shenanigans once we got there.  But that will have to wait.  For Days 6 and 7.

And now, since there is nothing else to write about for boring Day 4, the first installment of one of my favorite phenomena in China: Butchered English On T-Shirts (And Some Other Places Too)!!!

**A note on Butchered English On T-Shirts (And Some Other Places Too)!!! We saw so many awkwardly/insanely worded T-shirts that it got to the point where we would look at nothing but people’s shirts as we walked around, mockingly read them out loud to each other, and laugh at the people.  It goes back to our linguistic isolation leading us to believe that people couldn’t actually here us.  The shirts were amazing and hilarious in their earnest and innocent attempts at insight.

Butchered English On T-Shirts (And Some Other Places Too)!!!

T-shirt Front:  It’s a vegas show with the honesty professional sound check.

Back:  There merry smile wish you would have.


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