Day 2: Dinner Revisited

Just came across some phenomenal photos of the menu from dinner on Day 2 at the Red Rose Restaurant.  Rather than post them and make my Flickr page that much less legitimate, I’ll just type out the highlights:

  • The bottle pepsi cola [a bottle of Pepsi – pretty self-explanatory]
  • The bottle seve tup [a bottle of 7-Up]
  • The pepsi of cola can [a can of Pepsi]
  • The canister of sorit can [a can of Sprite – Sprite and 7-Up?!  What selection!!]
  • Socla water [soda water]
  • Tipsy Spirits [spirits that make you tipsy?]
  • Johnnie walker red label [duh]
  • Johnnie walker biack label [Johnny Walker Black Label]
  • Grant finest soth whisky [Grant Scotch Whisky]
  • Chicas regal pr emiurn snotch thisky  [Chivas Regal Premium Scotch Whisky]

I don’t really know why I get such joy out of this kind of stuff, but there it is.

Also, at lunch there was “Sauteed Rape with Black Mushrooms” available.


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