Day 35: Kashgar -> Turpan

The whole day was spent traveling from Kashgar, the heart of Chinese Islam, to Turpan, a true oasis in Western China.

But we don’t really see any of that until tomorrow.

So for now, satisfy yourself with these phenomenal Butchered English On T-Shirts (And Some Other Places Too) examples found in a display stand in our hotel room in Turpan.  A sign next to the products instructed us that these precious commodities were not free: Supply with Pay.

The capitalizations and punctuations are straight from the packaging.

1. FAD MALE SCHOLAR BRIEFS – The Vogue Comes from the Quality

2. Magic Towel

3. Classic Vogue razor

4. Holy Oil: “Man of God oil: eradication of premature ejaculation, the extension of time of ejaculation! Do not apply the The same degree of patients w/ premature ejaculation. As well as normal people want to increase the time to make love. …used ot find natural erectile working.”

5. Sanitary lotion: “This product for the adult special-purpose clean cloudy prduct…the rapid effective clean adult vulva . . . eliminates the unusual smell

6. Super Yhin Sensitive vibration condoms: “.The product can improve the feeling sexy for men and women since it veibrates. “Package the vibrator with high grade food class materials ,no harm to human body. “…with this product ,it is easy to make love ,prevent prospermia and prolong time. USAGE -slide ring onto root of penis ,gently vellicate or make it still to. provide different pleasures for women . . . stimulate the sensitive part in deep vagina to acheive outstanding and diversified effects. -When DIY, women manage the sensitive zones with it ,or vellicate like making love hook the ring with finger to slowly vellicate up or down ,left or right


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