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571 Days Later

So I took a little break.

Little did you know, this 571 day hiatus has been a test, A TEST, I tell you, of your loyalty to the Battered Leather Journal.  And you have passed gloriously.  

The honest explanation for the break is that I got a job and then got lazy.

But there are only eight days left in this blonde-in-a-sea-of-black China saga. So I’m gonna finish this thing.


Day 14 part 1: Norbulingka Palace

Lhasa is a very cool city.  Such a big difference from everything else we’ve seen in China (and everything we’ll see after, I imagine.)  Lhasa has evolved to welcome trekking travelers into its warm embrace of english-speaking, pancake-and-pizza-and-spaghetti-selling, fake-north-face-gear-peddling glory.  But the English menus and fleece jackets can’t hide the fact that we are in a world far different from anything else we’ve known.  The signs of buddhist faith cannot be missed: they are people walking down the street spinning prayer wheels; they are prayer flags flapping happily from buildings and mountains; and they are paintings of white ladders decorating rocky hillside symbolizing ascendance to enlightenment. Continue, if you dare! Double dog dare.

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