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Day 31: Walking Around Kashgar, and Taking Pictures of Self-Absorbed Uyghur Children

Breakfast is modest buffet of dumplings, peanuts, vegetables, egg stew with tomatoes.  It is well-nigh impossible to tell which dumplings are the delicious ones with pork inside and which dumplings are the pasty, glutinous ones with pasty gluten inside.  Thankfully, there is no shortage of hot orange tang with which to wash down the wet cement not-pork travesties.  Anyway, the boring dumplings make the delicious meaty ones taste SO much more delicious and meaty.



Day 22: Beer, Beer, and yes, Beer!

In China, you can always tell how nice your lodgings are by asking two simple questions:

1) Does it have a buffet?  If yes, proceed to 2); if no, check the bedsheets because there’s no guarantee that you’re not sleeping in a bloody crime scene.

2) Is there someone behind the counter to fry up fresh eggs?  If yes, it is a very nice hotel; if no, the place isn’t outstanding but you will still be safe and comfortable;.

The Oceanwide Elite has a buffet with a guy frying eggs.  So we’re pretty happy.

Oh so much more. Click to jummmmmmp!!


Day 16: Mt. Qomolangma (aka Everest)

This mountain road is incredibly beautiful.  And it’s a good thing, because we’ve been driving for days.

Scenes from the road:

More More! There’s MORE. Click for MOOOOOOORE!!


Day 13 Revisited: Phenomeblonde!

How could I have forgotten about the phenomeblonde moment that occurred upon leaving the Potala Palace?  As if these moments were…*gasp*…unimportant.  What a profane thought.

The battered leather journal lists this as the sixteenth stranger photo-shoot of the trip, a number far beyond anything I was expecting.



Day 7: Xi’an Tour Day 2

Day 2 was just a touch less befuddling than Day 1.  At least we had some idea of what we were in for today.  That, in addition to the fact that there was no multiple-mausoleum debacle, made today seem positively logical.

Read on, Good Sirs and Madams!


Day 5: Beijing -> Xi’an

The grass is smiling at you.

Before leaving for Xi’an we stopped by the Olympic Park to gaze in wonder at the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube.  And to gander at the 7-star Pangu hotel, which has this amazing fluid, waving tower that looks to me, appropriately, like an Olympic torch.  Our dreams/whim of going into either Olympic venue were dashed by the mind-boggling number of people crowding the lines to get it.  We got over that desire pretty quickly. More pictures and words, for your viewing pleasure!


Day 2: Beijing; Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City


Outside our hotel stands a small shack – really just a covered counter with a hot plate, where a man and his son make maybe the best thing ever invented: they make some sort of bread/crepe-type deal by spreading batter on a hot surface.  Then they poke a hole in it and pour some egg liquid inside and the egg fries in between the pillowy bread layers.  Then they smear plum sauce and chili sauce all over it, fold it up, and put it into a plastic bag.  Then you tear open the bag and eat the treasure on the bus while going to Tiananmen Square.  Breakfast is awesome.

DSC_5290 More words. More photos. More everything!

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