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Day 12: Ramoche Temple

For breakfast we went to the same place as dinner last night.  I could claim that the magical view of Jokhang drew us back,  but really is was the menu’s promise of pancakes that did us in.  Honey pancakes, maybe?  Or apple?  Anyway, this battle was over last night when we saw it on the menu.  We didn’t have a chance.

We sat next to this beautiful little girl and her family.  She was entranced with Sam’s unique and confusing combination of her vaguely ethnic Chinese appearance and her western clothing and obviously foreign counterparts.  The girl really could not take her eyes off  Sam.  Affording me the opportunity to steal some surreptitious just-gonna-set-this-camera-on-the-table-with-the-telephoto-lens-pointed-at-your-face-don’t-mind-me candid shots.

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